Oak Tree Reliance Mission & Core Values

Our Mission is to be a provider of high-quality patient-focused transport, who puts patients needs first by delivering an outstanding service with the highest standards of care, cleanliness, safety and training and with the flexibility of a competitive, commercially driven organisation.

C Committing ourselves to improving the workforce to their full potential.
A Acting with honesty and integrity in all that we do.
R Respecting everyone as an individual knowing that no two persons are the same.
E Embracing opportunities to deliver personalised care.
S Supporting patients to access their appointments and treatment in a timely and efficient manner.
F Finding the time to talk with our patients; most of whom, value a friendly chat.
O Organising our day to day operations to ensure we achieve our daily goals and targets (KPI’s).
R Review feedback to improve patient care and identify gaps in service we provide.
A Aspire to honour the dignity, individuality and rights of those in our care.
L Lead the way to exceed expectations of our service by delivering quality and value in every aspect of our work.
L Learning from our mistakes to shape practice in the future and improve quality of care.