Ambulance Service

Our Ambulance Service has the ability to provide patient transport across London and the Home Counties, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, we can also service Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

This is a high-quality service for patients, which is safe, effective and flexible and gives people fair access to vital health services. We are proud to transport people who are unable to use public or other transport due to their medical condition, and include those who are: Attending hospital outpatient clinics, being admitted to or discharged from hospital wards, needing life-saving treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy or renal dialysis or DVT treatment.

Our Ambulance Service provides much needed support to patients and is an extremely important part of our service.

We have the capacity to undertake 1000’s of patient journeys a year.

We have the ability to locate liaison officers in major hospitals, who would be the public face of the OTR Ambulance Service. They would deal with bookings and queries, but also with any problems that occur on the day, changes in patient appointments and most importantly they ensure that every patient is conveyed so that they get the treatment they need.

OTR have experienced controllers who have been in the patient transport service for many years. This allows us to develop cost-effective runs and routes if needed to be sure transport is on time with minimal delays.

OTR specialise in hospital discharges from key areas, which we know can impact the flow of patients within the hospital location. In helping discharge patients from their key wards and areas such as A&E will enable our customers to achieve their own internal targets, which we know may carry financial penalties when these targets are not met.


Care Quality Commission

Oak Tree Reliance Ltd has undergone extensive investment and are proud to have achieved CQC status, Thus enabling us to undertake regulated activity within England and Wales.