Work With Us

Are you fed up? stuck in a rut? lacking satisfaction in your current role?

Do you love to talk? Are you compassionate?

Want to make a difference to someone’s life, then look no further…

Here at Oak Tree Reliance we take pride in encouraging people to achieve their goal. Whether your goal is career orientated or personal, we pride ourselves with our one big happy family approach.

We are not looking to change who people are, we encourage our employees to become the person they want to be.

All our patients deserve to be treated to the highest standard possible, so we are continuously training and coaching our employees on best practices.

Like working out on your own but at the same time working within a successful team, look no further…

As a caring profession we are always learning, adapting and improving ourselves and the way we care for our patients. One voice, one goal.

At times you may be the only person that our patients have seen in a long time so it is very important that our patients not only arrive safely to their destination but to enjoy the journey and the company from our highly trained Ambulance Care Assistants.

As a company we strive to be the best at what we do and the people we employ.